ViVec® AAV Capsid Screening Platform

We have established the ViVec® AAV capsid screening platform based on non-human primate screening, of AAV capsid libraries from directed evolution and rational design.

To date, we have identified proprietary AAV capsids with distinct tissue tropism and increased transduction efficiency to develop breakthrough gene therapies to treat a broad spectrum of diseases via different routes of administration.

ViLNP ® Non-viral Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery Platform

LNP-based delivery system has the potential to provide hit-and-run gene editing to selectively knock out disease-causing genes, introduce safe-harbor targeted insertion of a functional gene or both.

Through iterative screening of rational designed library of thousands of novel structured lipid molecules, we have identified proprietary ionizable cationic lipids (CIL). These unique cationic lipids and lipid nanoparticle (LNPs) formulations exhibit excellent hepatic nucleic acid delivery efficiency and biodegradability. Additional screening is ongoing to identify CILs with distinct tissue specificity.

ViCas ® CRISPR Gene Editing Platform

Our scientific founder professor Wei Li’s lab was the first to public CRISPR/Cas12b, which is the 3rd class of highly effective mammalian gene editing tool developed to-date following Cas9 and Cas12a.

Following the discovery and extensive protein engineering performed by Wei Li’s lab, we have developed several proprietary ViCas® CRISPR gene editing tools, includingVG-Cas12iMax、VG-Cas12iHiFi、VG-Cas12bMax,each with distinct editing capability and capacity.

ViHiYi ® High-yield AAV Production Technology Platform

We have performed extensive screening campaign to obtain proprietary serum-free ViHiYi® 293 engineered cells and proprietary ViHiYi®-RC and ViHiYi®-helper plasmids to develop not only industry leading high-yield AAV production, but with our routinely low empty/full AAV capsid ratio and super low-rate of AAV mispackaging to minimize safety risks of our AAV gene therapy products.